Thursday, August 26

This is the honest-to-God truth: I'm just not hilarious all by myself. Oh, yes, I'm brilliant, scintillating, and gorgeous all on my own, but not hilarious. I'm passably funny alone, but hilarious requires a reparte that can only be accomplished with others who are actually funny.

Thank GOD that he delivered to me, via the Internet, no less, the most hysterical people I have ever known. (They're also brillant, and gorgeous, and that's just a little added-bonus luxury that I'm secretly pissed about, no matter how grateful I am.) If you want funny, you'll just have to read this: If you want more funny, go here: And get off my back.

Tuesday, August 17

Damn you verbose, literate people.

Let's face it, the only reason I'm posting today is because I didn't have to remember my password, which I don't.

Can you say PhlegmFest 2004? Enough said on that topic.

List of things that make life good today:

  • Cute cleaveage
  • A Rockin' Hair Day
  • Beautiful new red wine glasses
  • A pretty bathroom
  • Yummy-smelling candles

Hot Moroccan Boy doesn't hurt anything, either.

Too tired to post more.

Thursday, August 12

I tried. I really did.

I tried to avoid joining in with the blogging revolution, but I just couldn't. All my favorite people are doing it, and I just had to copy.

A short list of what makes life good (today):

  • Red wine
  • Romanian food
  • Candor
  • Stamina, and
  • Laughing so hard it is actually painful.

I make no guarantees or predictions on how long I keep this up, or how long it is before I forget my password, even.


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