Wednesday, December 14

Word Nerd, the Sequel

Written by The Numbers' Poster Boy, and proudly reprinted here, due partly to the fact that I spewed iced tea through my nose laughing when I read them. Um, no, I didn't ask for permission, but I *AM* giving full credit. (Tex, if you'd like them removed, lemmekneax!)

Top Ten Failed Alternatives to The Proof is in the Pudding:

10. There's an affidavit in the pie.

9. Angelfood cake provides the answers.

8. Clues can be found among the lemon squares.

7. S'mores have their reasons.

6. Cookies will corroborate.

5. There's evidence of fudge.

4. Get the facts from flan.

3. The brownies will testify.

2. Ice cream has the scoop.

1. The Jell-O knows the truth.

Friday, December 9

How Cool Was Thanksgiving?

Well, I shall tell you. I went to the PNW to see my dear Matthew and laugh my ass off for six straight days, take beautiful walks around the park, drink a lot of coffee, AND eat turkeyanddressing, gummy bears, chocolate, sopresatta sandwich, Japanese tapas, and pumpkin cheesecake. It really, truly does not get a whole lot better. Seriously! (OK, it would have been better if Todd had been there, but other than THAT, it doesn't get better.)

On the list of fabu activities are:

  • Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Kelly and Eric. Good food, great people, and love-love-love!
  • An overnight trip to Vacouver, BC, Canada to be tourists and hang out with Hansol. Amazing food, great new friend, and GORGEOUS city! A big thank you to Hansol for the hospitality and for introducing me to Poutine. (You devilperson!)
  • Lunch at Salumi... a recipe for heart failure, and the most divine pork products that have ever been near my head. Ohmydamn, don't miss this if you're in Seattle.
  • Uwajimaya, an amazing "grocery" store. This place had everything you'd ever need to make Sushi, Pho, Pad Thai, and to do your Christmas shopping. I need one of those in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Naps.
  • Spending six days with one of my all-time favorites in his lovely home.
  • Seeing some of my other favorites: Kelly, Cousin Elizabeth, Dar (you rock my world, sister,) Saxon, and Michael. How great is it that I get to have so many awesome people in my world?
  • Nature. Yes, nature. See below.

One view from the walks at Seward Park:

Image hosted by

Me thinking how cool it would be if Todd were there to see this place!

Image hosted by

Thursday, December 1

Just a Whim

Just wanted you to be aware that the Grimace's band name is Just a Whim. My mother speculates that it might just be the spirit of his new marriage.

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