Tuesday, June 17

For That Todd

Monday, June 16

Mostly just for the Numb3rs (and Jenny)

'Cause I know how much y'all like looking at my brother. HEE!

The Fig and The Father are in Torrey Pines, California volunteering at the U.S. Open last week and today. I have a couple of pictures so you can see how happy golf and sun make my male family members. (OMG, my brother is getting so skinny! Bastard.)

You can see a whole bunch more updates on The Father's site --http://www.majormike.net/ -- if you like! They get home early tomorrow morning, and there will be lots more pictures, then. If you're as into golf as they are, you'll love those. I think they saw everyone who's anyone in that world!

Yay for David and Dadness.

And here is the Dadness: (I don't know what happned to him when I posted this originally.)

Friday, June 6

Wellcommz to mah whirled

more cat pictures


What Beth said...

Go look at her blog entry today by clicking HERE. So, first, if you're 13 or you've ever been 13, you know that your parents' JOB is to make you feel embarrassed. Additionally, it was your (and my) job to be inconsolable, dramatic, and fatalistic, thereby annoying your parents 24/7 for approximately seven consecutive years.

Surely Stanley Burt Eisen doesn't think he's any different, as Beth said. Especially when he looks like this (scroll down).

Wait for it...

GAH!!! I'm scared.

Wednesday, June 4

Just remembered!

Another one of those things that got caught in my thoughts? EVA LONGORIA. Maybe my head just likes women with three-letter first names. Also, this site cracks me the hell up! If you've never been to Fug, go now. You will not be sorry.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 2

Happy Birthday, Allie!

Fried chicken, country ham, it's your birthday, HOT DAMN!

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