Tuesday, May 22

The Unity of God and the Children

As conveyed by the wise and wonderful Shannon Rose.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!
I am the power,
I am the intelligence,
I am the love,
I am the joy.
The earth turns on it's orbit for ME.
The oceans ebb and flow for ME.
The birds sing for ME.
The sun rises and it sets for ME.
The stars come out for ME.
Every beautiful thing I see, every wonderous thing I experience, is all there for ME.
None of it can exist without ME.
I am one with the Universe.
I am the heir to the kingdom.
I am the perfection of Life.

Wednesday, May 2

Good times.

Dande said this once about the maintaining of what might appear to be high maintenance women. It's still true, of course.

I like to think of it less as "demanding utter worship and absolute devotion," and more as "expecting reasonable appreciation for my complete and undeniable fabulosity."

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