Wednesday, April 26

The Results

Hopefully, you've read my VBF's account of my nephew's antics. If not, go now. I'll wait.

As a tribute to his fabulous sense of humor -- the exact same one his mother has -- I made him this t-shirt. She assures me he will wear it with pride.

I LOVE being the Aunt Tasty!


christ*el #3tx said...

you know.... a biscuit is also a euphemism for girl parts.

heh, i said "euphemism"

heh x 2 i said "biscuit"

Tasty said...

Dude, I SO forgot about that.

Beth said...

So...should Jake NOT wear this shirt to church camp this summer?

Will people think he's a big perv?

Little would anyone know the innocense of the now famous biscuit-vision incident at the Bob Evans.

Beth said...

Ooops. Wait, it's innocence. See. I told ya'll I wasn't a very good speller.

Tasty said...

I don't think the terminology is that rampant, as I would honestly never think to use "biscuit" for that. And there are pictures of actual biscuits on there. Hmmm, maybe we should survey our local eighth graders.

Allie#3ga said...

dude, i think church camp is the PERFECT place to wear that shirt.

make em wonder ..... that's how we trick people into the whole jesus thing :)

Anonymous said...

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