Thursday, November 2

Possible reasons I may not be doing as well at work as we'd once hoped:

A.) Information revealed in the chart below.
B.) The fact that I created this during work hours.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it looks to me that you suck at your job? How did you create this chart? I would like to see my results. Maybe I suck too. Peace

Anonymous said...

I think it's a Rorschach test. I see boobs.

Beth said...

Are we allowed to laugh at this?
Cause it's damn funny.
Did you ever hear that tragedy + time = comedy? Maybe someday you'll be able to reflect on this job, rear your head back, and just laugh and laugh.
Could you next please create a bar graph and a pie chart? Thank you.

Allie#3ga said...

i don't think you suck at your job at ALL. i think they in no way realize what an amazing woman they have in their midst.

and yeah, i saw boobs too.

but then i tend to see boobs a lot.

Anonymous said...

i didnt see any boobs at all. my question is why do you go there every day, day after day? there has got to be something better. give them "THE TWO WEEK NOTICE" don't show up for two weeks. THEY'LL NOTICE.

Anonymous said...

ask hansol what he created at work the other day! :) see you soon!

bonnie said...

daughter would love a graph like this!

Mauzy said...

I saw boobs. But then, I am from Indy too.

You need to contact my husband. He hires funny, creative, wonderful people. Plus, he could bash on YBF if you didn't work out.

Lynn and Ed said...

Stacey - I did it. And you have to do it too. Its the only way you can "grow back" the parts of you that they have "put to sleep." Hell, you may not even realize that they parts of your soul have been silenced because they have you distracted while they go after the other parts.

In just two months, I am nearing pure harmony I once had prior to going to that company. I can honestly feel myself heal.

Email me at or call me at 765-482-3547. I'm at home when not at class. I know your pain - I had it. And now I am healing. It feels wonderful.


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