Friday, January 11

Late to the party, but here I am with my fancy shoes on!

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OK, lemme think.

  1. My new job is insanity-making what with the deadlines and the details and the working on 45 projects (approx) AT ONE TIME and the spelling and punctuation malarkey. I. LOVE. IT.

  2. I also would almost rather go to a movie alone than with someone. I don't want any whispering or to share my carmel corn or coke with you. I also want to be able to leave without worrying about what you want. For *me* this is really a commentary on my life. I don't really, truly want to consult with anyone. I don't care to discuss daily decisions, just philosophical positions. I'm superfun to live with!

  3. One of my very best friends once said to my boyfriend, "Seriously, you have to speak up and be strong with the Ericksons. If you don't, they'll just run you over." And I took it exactly in the spirit in which it was intended. I love it 'cause it's true.

  4. It almost took me longer to decide I could live without Ruby and Opal (my dogs) than it took me to decide if I could divorce Grimace (former spouse). Turns out, I can live without them. Though, I'd rather like to keep living with the puppers.

  5. Y'all prolly know this, but. As much as I LOVE the party/gathering/dinner with friends on a very, very frequent basis, I LOVE being alone equally as much. Turns out, I'm decent company, and damn if I don't love a silent evening reading. Or watching TV with no interruptions. At all. (Maybe this is why I don't have les bebes.)

  6. Being an aunt to Beth's kids is way more precious to me than I ever imagined it would be. It gets sweeter all the time, too. Part of my plan for general improvement/growing into some more of my potential includes being a better aunt.

  7. I would much rather eat popcorn for dinner than have to do dishes.

Now I'm supposed to tag some people. But all my peoples did this already, except for His Dadness. Tag!


Ms. T said...

You are fabulous.

And I went to see "Atonement" by myself because I didn't want to have to interpret the British-English speaking for anyone. I nearly clubbed the people behind me who kept asking "what'd she just say? What?" Note to dumbass moviegoers: Next time, go see "Jackass Three: This Time All Y'all Will Get Hanged with Barbed Wire."

Anonymous said...

Hey babe....I have a new blog. Call me and I'll tell ya what it is. Or, you could just CALL ME.


christelpistol said...

i would be perfectly ok to eat Peanut MnMs for dinner.

in fact i think that is all i had to eat in my first apartment and regularly tested the theory of how long CAN one survivie on just a diet of MnMs and Doritos

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