Wednesday, March 19

For Christel

Because she understands how hot I am. (Hot, not sexy, in this case. Just in this case.)

Here's a portion of a brilliant note to Mother Nature:

"You and I have had our differences before. As one who sweats profusely under certain conditions, such as sitting quietly at room temperature, I wasn't too wild about the summer of 2005. By late June I was technically classified as an estuary."

Click here for entire article.


Ms. T said...

OMFG. that guy is HILARIOUS!!!

christelpistol said...

the episode of WnG last night... where Grace gets Will that "Personal Cooling System, because i am always the perfect temperature and you are always FREAKISHLY hot!" made me think of you.

"it will freeze your nipples off. and look, there is a spare pair IN the box!"

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