Thursday, April 24

Life in the ATL, or Atlanta for us white chicks.

I'm in Marietta, GA with two of my favorite wimmins -- Lola and Allie (the hairbanger.)

Bangin' Lola's hayers:


Finish product of my banged my hayers (I'm blond again!):

Then, we had margaritas. See Lo's finished hayers and Allie's HAWT 'do:

Here's a preview of our concert experience. We sang along with Mraz. Mraz, the one I've adored since one of my first 5 or 6 posts.

Must go now. More lolling to do.


Allie said...

it's true.

she's lolling on my sofa right now.

and lola is making bacon.

be jealous.

and suck it bitches.

Beth said...

Oh, I'm jealous alright...

Love the hair!

Anonymous said...

Dangit!! Bacon AND hairbanging! I so wish I could get banged by the beauteous Alliepants and eat the L'ola's bacon.

heehee that sounded dirty!


Ms. T said...

The hairs! They are adorable!

christelpistol said...

i'm sorry you didn't have the Most Fun Ever.

ONLY cause i wasn't there.

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