Monday, June 16

Mostly just for the Numb3rs (and Jenny)

'Cause I know how much y'all like looking at my brother. HEE!

The Fig and The Father are in Torrey Pines, California volunteering at the U.S. Open last week and today. I have a couple of pictures so you can see how happy golf and sun make my male family members. (OMG, my brother is getting so skinny! Bastard.)

You can see a whole bunch more updates on The Father's site -- -- if you like! They get home early tomorrow morning, and there will be lots more pictures, then. If you're as into golf as they are, you'll love those. I think they saw everyone who's anyone in that world!

Yay for David and Dadness.

And here is the Dadness: (I don't know what happned to him when I posted this originally.)


Ms. T said...

Not only skinny, he's getting very bald and tan. But still cute.

Allie said...

see, the THINGS i would say if i didn't know for SURE that your father read this blog.

cause seriously.

no really.


Anonymous said...

Here Figgy Figgy....I've got a bacon sammich.......


Anonymous said...

Two cuties!!
love auntie g

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