Thursday, September 4

Just a few more words on the political front

So, when you talk with someone about your point of view, what sort of tact do you (does one) take? Well, if you're intent on having them see your point of view, possibly even adopt your point of view, you would first demonstrate on what points the two of you agree. You'd build rapport, lay some groundwork. If you're really smart, and you truly care about the person to whom you're speaking, you'll maintain respect throughout the entire discourse. And, if you happen to be talking to me personally, you will not show up with hate. You won't show up to the party with a nice, heaping, steaming pile of bitter. Or better, either.

I fail to understand how anyone expects ANYONE to "come over to their side" by belittling, declaring another's point of view stupid/greedy/self-serving, or presuming that you're are better than someone else because you're more, oh, I don't know, enlightened. . . evolved. . . superior?

I'm very lucky to have had almost all of my political discussions of late start and continue with respect and love. Some of them have not. Personal attacks on human beings that WE DON'T EVEN KNOW are fantastically ridiculous. Breathing fire about some woman from Alaska makes as much sense as hating the guy behind the counter at Subway. I'm not stupid, I get that her choices may turn out to have much more impact than do his; however, they're equally human. And equally fallible.

To be clear, I'm not trying to take the enlightened/evolved/superior path. (Hee!) I'm just pointing out that discussing choices, leadership styles, decisions, and philosophies creates an entirely different thing than tearing at the fiber of a person. Tearing people down, even those you believe to be against you personally, does not create anything worth having.

Just some thoughts on how we might move forward talking about politics. Or, you know, whatever.

P.S., If you're reading this, I didn't write this in reaction to anything we've discussed.


MajorMike said...

I have been mulling over in my mind for days on how to say what you've just said. Thank you!

Tasty said...

Aw, thank you, Dadness! That completely made my WEEK!!!!

Tina said...

A. I love:

(1) how you speak up about issues most people try to avoid,
(2) that you provided a useful blueprint on how to speak lovingly and respectfully to:
(a) people in general and
(b) you, in particular,
(3) that you desire to improve the quality of your conversations such that no one is excluded from your discussion pool, and
(4) just you...generally, specificaly and magically.

You make people feel betterer.


Beth said...

AMEN! Perfect.

Ms. T said...

Agreed, this was a very thoughtful way of addressing the situation.

Hence the classic phrase - "The beatings will continue until morale improves." Paraphrased for politics it would be - "the beatings, belittlings, ridicule, and character attacks will continue until you vote MY WAY."

Tasty said...

HA! Love it, sis.

Thanks to all for your input!

Reckless Love and Bold Adventure said...

I thought you said I was always right??? hehehe. I love you and all your words all the time!!!

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