Thursday, December 2

Get Polled (And I think we all know just how painful that could be.)

What is the farthest you have ever traveled to be with someone you love? (Friend, family, lover, any category.)
Less than 50 miles.
More than 50, but less than 100 miles.
More than 100, but less than 500 miles.
More than 500, but less than 1000 miles.
More 1000 miles, but less than 3000 miles.
More than 3000 miles.
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Allie#3ga said...

i'm all polled up ...

devilboss said...

I took it.

Tasty said...

Thank you, darlings.

Im A Foto Nut said...

TOOO Funny! By the way, If it is ok with you I would like to add a link to your blog on my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours so far and look forward to what funny things you will write in the future. If you would like to look at my blog first, before you decide, be my quest.

*L'ola said...

does it count if you didn't know you loved them until after you traveled over 3000 miles? because i met mine there. oh well, i'm a love ho. just don't get any ideas that it's okay to move 3000 miles away from me, or anywhere other than closer to me. it won't work. i'll follow you. i swear i will and then you'll never get a moments peace and you will never have a free air bed.

Anonymous said...

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