Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas

My Christmas card to you is a simple one, and it's not even original.

I had a great discussion this week with someone I thought I had lost from my life forever. Turns out, I hadn't, and we'll be renewing a very valuable and precious friendship -- we've known each other for 21 years. In fact, he was the officiating minister at my (first) wedding, as I married one of his closest childhood friends.

John, my re-found friend, is absoluely famous for asking the important questions in a very straightforward way. The question was prompted by the fact that we were having a really emotional evening anyway, complete with tears -- almost all of them joy-induced -- and I mentioned that December 31 would have been my 10th anniversary. So, we talked some about my former husband. And he asked, "What do you want for Mark?"

My first and instinctive answer was, "Consciousness."

He cracked me up by saying, "That would be a good start."

Then I told him that I have pretty much the same desire for all the people in my life. (Even those to which I was once married, and had consequently once wished might be hit by a bus.)

Which leads me to your Christmas card.

I wish for you a deep and abiding knowledge of the amazing extent to which you are a wonderfully and perfectly created, profoundly adored, stunningly beautiful person with infinite worth. I honestly pray that every interaction I have with you is one that will help you to understand how STELLAR you really are.

Before you go and think I'm altruistic or something, I readily confess that this desire, and my participation, however minor, in your life, is also quite selfish. Here is why: Because I LONG to make a significant contribution in the world, and I truly believe that the only way I can do so is to reach inside the life of another person -- an eternal soul -- and give something, I'm participating for my benefit, too. I get to fulfill my deep desire to touch the forever.

Thank you so much for letting me know you. Merry Christmas.


christ*el #3tx said...

my darling tasty,

that was absolutley beautiful and truly inspiring. the part that amazes me, well, no not amaze, the part that i adore, is that you think that way all year long. and you truly wish that for everyone you meet. you are not one of those people who JUST gives at christmas time, you touch people on a daily, hourly and minute-ly basis. your shine comes right through the center of your being and envelops anyone you come across. i am so blessed and thankful and excited to be your friend every single day.

i hope your christmas was filled with wonder and love.

Champagnelady59 said...

You are one of the most beautiful people I know, both on the inside and the outside. You've touched more people's hearts than you will ever know and I feel blessed to know you. You are on my prayer list every day. Thank you for letting me into your life.

se7en said...

hi hi tasty! lol (christel cracks ma ass up!)

how ya doin girlfiend! i love sappy renewed friendship
type stories. but they never work out tha way i want em to...sadly

a childhood friend, female of our species, i always had a secret
crush on her but never had the chance to go anywhere with her...

recently i heard she was single again and for once in my life i am
also unattached. her mother contacted mine and they chatted about her and so i managed to get her number and called her...

we had not laid eyes on each other in 20 yrs and i called out of tha blue. we had a nice chat and lord i was soooo going to gush
my heart out to her and tell her how i secretly felt...

then she mentioned she just met a really nice guy and were moving
in together.

did i just say all that out loud?

Allie#3ga said...


i think you know just exactly how much i adore you... our friendship means the world to me... please know that you have in fact changed the world for the better just by being ALIVE.

( oh yeah, and cause you have a REALLY hot brother too )

i love you more than chocolate covered ricky martin

Anonymous said...

Maude, you absolutely can not know how much you and your friendship have brought to me. You are one of the best gifts I have ever received and I am grateful for that everyday. I love you.

M'Ary* said...

I "heart" Tasty.

amy said...

I've now added you to my wonderful blog list. Thanks for coming into my life in the most unexpected way. I cannot wait for the upcoming year to get to know you more and share more laughs and then some. Happy New Year to a very very kind spirit. love always, inky

Tasty said...

Tole ya I'm SO BLESSED in the friend department! I'm excited for 2005, too!!!!

Anonymous said...
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