Wednesday, September 28

Adventures in Culinary Goodness

I've recently consumed the following fabulous items, made for me by That Todd, who is REALLY grand at the chef-ing. OHmydamn. And, yes. I am bragging.

  • Italian meats and cheeses, with a soft-cooked egg on tomato-ey focaccia sandwich. Sopressata, prosciutto, capicola (Gabagool!), salami, and olive oil. This was BREAKFAST, people!
  • Very cheesy pizza with some of the same meats (leftover from breakfast) and lots of olives and yummy, melty tastiness. Best when consumed with citrus rums-and-coke.
  • Blueberry pancakes. With fresh blueberries. DROOL. There's just something inexpressibly lovely about an accomplished culinarian making food for you while you watch, or maybe clean a vegetable or something, but not have to do anything really taxing.
  • Mushroom lasagna. Might I just point out that I'd give up a limb for this lasagna? Thankfully, I don't have to give up a limb for it, but I would strongly consider it should it become necessary. Multiple kinds of mushrooms, mushroom cream, fresh mozzarella, smoked Gouda, and general warm goodness. I mean, come on! He made mushroom broth to start the whole thing!
  • Leftover mushroom lasagna. Normally, this would not fall under its own category, but it's just that good. Leftover mushroom lasagna for breakfast. How do you top that? You don't.
  • Medium rare Asian flank steak slices stacked with crispy wonton wrappers and sesame mayonnaise. Slightly spicy mushrooms, rice, and sesame oil-sauteed green beans. More uncontrollable drooling ensues. Not only was it deeeeelish, it was really pretty, too.

The fun of the weekend also contained a medium-to-small home improvement project, several movies, plenty of cocktails, a nap or two thrown in for good measure, lots and lots of chatting (one of my favorite all-time things), and much laughter. And just how do you top that? YOU DON'T!!!

Thank you for such a delicious long weekend, my sweet friend.


*L'ola said...

and i add my thanks to That Todd too, for making a fantastic long weekend for my favorite Tasty, who deserves every weekend to be a long weekend. now you know that was just practice for the fabulous long weekend you will cater someday for the Whole Numbers Gang, right? making us laugh and making us food is a sure way to get to our hearts. until then you could just cough up the recipe for that mushroom lasagne. that would at least get you to our sternums (sterni?).

Allie#3ga said...

my pink parts just got happy.

well done.

Smashlee said...

Damn, that mushroom lasagna sure made my Stouffers box I'm making for dinner look like Friskies cat food.


MajorMike said...


Anonymous said...

you know when i said last night that i could never meet your father -cause i'd be too embarassed.

yeah, it's still true. ;)

christ*el #3tx said...

meat... cheese... rum... mushrooms... nap... boy... cheese... lasagna... making-out.. oh wait.

can't. form. complete. thoughts. swoony. over. that. todd.

TheRedOne said...

Only the best for you. I would make you all those same things if you would come to see me. Trust me, they would taste like garbage but at least I would try. Love you!

Anonymous said...

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