Wednesday, December 14

Word Nerd, the Sequel

Written by The Numbers' Poster Boy, and proudly reprinted here, due partly to the fact that I spewed iced tea through my nose laughing when I read them. Um, no, I didn't ask for permission, but I *AM* giving full credit. (Tex, if you'd like them removed, lemmekneax!)

Top Ten Failed Alternatives to The Proof is in the Pudding:

10. There's an affidavit in the pie.

9. Angelfood cake provides the answers.

8. Clues can be found among the lemon squares.

7. S'mores have their reasons.

6. Cookies will corroborate.

5. There's evidence of fudge.

4. Get the facts from flan.

3. The brownies will testify.

2. Ice cream has the scoop.

1. The Jell-O knows the truth.


tinyhands said...

If you're going to steal from me, I'll steal a saying from the numbers: "Yay me!"

M'Ary* said...

That's funny stuff.

My cookies WILL corroborate.

Yay, Tex!

christ*el #3tx said...

YAY ME!!!!

i j'adore "the ice cream has the scoop"

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MajorMike said...

Toast has its rasins (er, reasons).

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