Friday, December 9

How Cool Was Thanksgiving?

Well, I shall tell you. I went to the PNW to see my dear Matthew and laugh my ass off for six straight days, take beautiful walks around the park, drink a lot of coffee, AND eat turkeyanddressing, gummy bears, chocolate, sopresatta sandwich, Japanese tapas, and pumpkin cheesecake. It really, truly does not get a whole lot better. Seriously! (OK, it would have been better if Todd had been there, but other than THAT, it doesn't get better.)

On the list of fabu activities are:

  • Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Kelly and Eric. Good food, great people, and love-love-love!
  • An overnight trip to Vacouver, BC, Canada to be tourists and hang out with Hansol. Amazing food, great new friend, and GORGEOUS city! A big thank you to Hansol for the hospitality and for introducing me to Poutine. (You devilperson!)
  • Lunch at Salumi... a recipe for heart failure, and the most divine pork products that have ever been near my head. Ohmydamn, don't miss this if you're in Seattle.
  • Uwajimaya, an amazing "grocery" store. This place had everything you'd ever need to make Sushi, Pho, Pad Thai, and to do your Christmas shopping. I need one of those in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Naps.
  • Spending six days with one of my all-time favorites in his lovely home.
  • Seeing some of my other favorites: Kelly, Cousin Elizabeth, Dar (you rock my world, sister,) Saxon, and Michael. How great is it that I get to have so many awesome people in my world?
  • Nature. Yes, nature. See below.

One view from the walks at Seward Park:

Image hosted by

Me thinking how cool it would be if Todd were there to see this place!

Image hosted by


MajorMike said...

I can't get much better than this life, anyway.

M'Ary* said...

Which holiday do you want to spend at my house?

How bout Flag Day?

christ*el #3tx said...

i'll take about 237 of your unbirthdays at my house please?

Allie#3ga said...

i love gummy bears. they make me feel so optimistic!

NTBoi77 said...

We're coming with you, Stacey ...

Moonchild said...

Who is Todd?

Tasty said...

My sweet friend and S.O.

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