Sunday, March 5

Celebrity Psycho

As is standard with surfing, I'm not sure how I got here, but I found a site called, and it included this quote. Which I knew I must share. Immediately.

"Do whatever you have to to never have a heart attack around Tom Cruise, cause he would just use his medical expertise to put some duct tape on your chest and give you some gumdrops. And then he would convince you that the defibrillator and paramedics who later saved your life really didn't save your life. Just like people who improve on meds like Strattera and Ritalin haven't really improved on meds like Strattera and Ritalin."

- The


Allie#3ga said...

i've seen that sight before - it cracks me directly up .... and proves that rich and fit cain't cure crazy!

Moonchild said...

oh sweet mother mary. that's too damn funny. it was also so very refreshing to not have to see him on the red carpet last night at the oscar's.

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