Wednesday, March 8

Lil' Meme Action

What thought or thoughts pop into your head when you hear the word, "noble"? I realize this will be considered "trite" today, because of the current war, which is never pleasant (war in general, I mean,) and it's associated domestic and foreign bad feelings, but I think of military service. I was reared in a Navy household.

Pine-scented or lemon-scented? I vote for pine-y goodness.

Decaf or caf? What's decaf, again?

Tall or short? You mean my coffee? The taller the better.

Swimming or fishing? Swimmin'!!!!!

Yelling or whispering? Absolutely depends on the location.

Is your car reliable? Reliably grandma-esque. Yes, it's reliable.

Are you? Reliably lighthearted and positive. Yes, I'm pretty reliable.

Ask the next person you see or talk to to describe you in one word. Tell us what that word is. If you don't see or talk to anyone in time, just make something up. Like "jujube." Tina says "honestloyalfunrealisticintelligenthappy." She's such a wonderful friend.

Have you ever told someone you loved them when you KNEW you wouldn't hear it in return? Sure did. That's some brave-ass shit, right there.

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