Saturday, January 24

Hey, look! I never got back in the habit.

However, I'm still planning to do that. To tide you over, here's a note I posted on facebook. I'm posting it here, in case you haven't seen it. Stay tuned for a post tomorrow -- it's about halfway done right now.

Until then:

I believe people calling themselves followers of Christ might want to rally around the central principal of the religion. Love is all there is that matters. Being right doesn't matter if you have no love. More's the tragedy, we actually ARE love, and we cast it out of ourselves. "If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing." I'm not simply sad, or tired, or unloved, or empty. I'm nothing.

I believe in graciousness: individual, and collective. I'm inexplicably thankful for the people who extend graciousness to me each day. When I do something that causes major inconvenience at work, usually, someone understands that we're all human and we work out the problem. I believe that the day the new president takes office is not a good day to make snide comments about his character or his potential ability to execute. It seems like a good day to be thankful. Or to make moving arrangements: France will probably take you.*

I believe I'm both fantastically, amazingly together and an utter damn mess. As an angel of a friend once said, "I'm perfect, flawed, and contradictory." I've handled some stuff. I've done some good stuff. I am a judgement machine most of the time. I know some stuff. I don't know way, way more stuff. I am, however, open.


Tina said...

don't worry...even the most devout nun in the sanctuary doesn't like to get back in the habit. you're in good company. i know that's dumb, but i made it up and i'm so proud to it!!

christelpistol said...

Dear Tasty,

i miss you. please come baaaaaaaack.....

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