Friday, May 8

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I have lots of regular haunts in the Internets. I tend to love the content; however, there is a problem with my favorite sites: the comments people leave after the article/video/picture. Here are a few of the sites where I simply canNOT read any of the comments. Oh, sure, I am actually physically *able* do it, but doing it makes my head explode.

  • Brilliantly funny and nearly 100% true, even.
  • Worst.commenters.ever. These people are quite below average in cleverness, couth, and, in addition, are mean to one another.
  • Fantastic magazine! Lots of interesting literary and social news and (mostly) commentary.
  • Commenters are mostly laboring under the illusion that they're morally supeirior to everyone else.
  • These commenters are the ones who taught me an important lesson: those on the Outer Left have their heads as far up their asses as those on the Far Right.

  • Excellent newspaper of my veryown hometown.
  • These commenters are frequently cartoons of themselves.
  • Many, many, many nasty judgemental comments from people calling themselves Bible-Believing Christians. (That's what actually made me stop reading the comments at indystar.)

  • Is there more legal fun available in the wee hours of the morning when I should be sober and asleep? No. No, there isn't.
  • These commenters, and I mean the ones whose native language is English, have no earthly idea how to behave in public. Who is this stupid in a public forum? Youtube commenters!

  • Wow, this is a helpful site. If you haven't sold a car, found a rental, or bought a refrigerator from Craigslist, you're missing out.
  • All I can say about this: "rant and rave" under "personals" is a sign of the end times. Srsly.

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