Monday, November 14

Beautiful things are difficult.

Translation from Greek (pick one):
  • Beauty is painful.
  • Beautiful things are difficult.
  • What the hell was I thinking taking on this task?
  • Every good idea eventually degenerates into very hard work.
  • Everything worth anything costs dearly.


NTBoi77 said...

There is naught without labor, dahhhhling!


So.. i pick 5, although I prefer 4's meaning-based translation.

christ*el #3tx said...

why greek? why not portuguese?

Tasty said...

Christel, I actually have an answer for that one. I may do something in Portuguese, too, sometime. The Greek words are part of "classical Greek" thought, and represent to me both A.) That Every good idea eventually degenerates into very hard work, and B.) My first MAJOR scholastic challenge. Greek is frickin' difficult! I thought I'd fail; spent the first 4 weeks of the class in the prof's office, crying (of course.) I ended up with a B+ for the semester -- would have been an A had I not gotten chicken pox during dead week. :-)

Aren't you glad you asked?

Anonymous said...

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