Saturday, November 12

More meme stupidity.

1. Spell your first name backwards: YECATS

2. Story behind your name: It was between Stacey and Nancy. That’s all I know. I like Stacey, pretty much.

3. How old are you: 36, motherfuckers!

4. Where do you live: DOWNtown Indianapolis. Lurve it.


5. Wallet: Hot pink leather Kenneth Cole Reaction, the perfect size. A total bargain from TJ Maxx.

6. Toothbrush: The new one from the dentist. Hey, look at me, I remembered to go to the dentist!

7. Jewelry worn daily: Silver bracelets, crown charm on gold chain, mix-metal earrings, at least one ring, usually some moonstone (from Allie and from Todd), and a little gold hoop in one of the 7 holes in my ears.

8. Pillow cover right now: Light blue. Matches the sheets. Mmmmmmm, sheets!

9. Sunglasses: I really need to consider wearing sunglasses.

10. Favorite shirt: The $14.99 tank I bought at Target this summer.

11. Cologne/Perfume: Lots of them. Eau de Cartier is my current favorite. I prefer the oakmoss/woods type smells.

12. CD in stereo right now: Mix from the wedding I attended last weekend.

13. Piercings: Only ears right now.

14. What you are wearing now: Velvet sweatshirt, lace tank, jeans, chunky black shoe.

15. Wishing: That I could fix situations. I know it’s not always my job, but I wish I could anyway.

16. Wanting: To be as healthy as possible.

17. After this: Getting Allie off.

18. If you could get away with it and murder anyone who would it be? Not really interested in putting that much ick out there.

19. Person you wish you could see right now: The Numbers.

20. Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

21. Something you're looking forward to in the coming week: All kinds of stuff!

22. The last thing you ate: Chicken sammich.

23. Something you are deathly afraid of: Losing my brother.

24. Do you believe in love at first sight? Nah.

25. What is the longest you've ever stayed up? Two days.

26. Can you eat with chopsticks? Yes.

27. What's something that you wish people would understand better: Theirdamnselves.

28. What's something you wish you could understand better? Systems analysis.

29. What is something that you wish was still around? I wish VBF and family lived real close!


30. How many people have you kissed? Hell if I know.

31. Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friend: Absolutely.


32. Where is your favorite place to shop? Nordstrom.

33. Have any tattoos: Yes. Crown on back, 9-pointed star on leg. Want to get some greek words around my ankle.

34. What is your favorite thing to wear: Diamonds, dahhhhhhling!

35. How much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing: $240, I think.

36. Who is the least fashionable person you know? Sheila Thomas.

37. What is the worst trend you see today- ugly trends? Mmmm, don't know.

38. Do you do drugs? Prozac, mostly.

39. What would you change about yourself? I wish I'd have started earlier on some stuff.

40. What are essentials in your life ? My friends, my family, God, coffee.

Sorry, I had to renumber them. Hehe.


Allie#3ga said...

why oh why oh why

am i NOT suprized your renumbered them?

me with the love

Pears said...

You made me spew #36.....spaghetti out of the nose is NOT cute.

Loving you tremendously. Come give me a lil know you wanna...

Tasty said...

That was specifically for YOU, my lil Pears.

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