Monday, November 21

Quote of the Day

From my dearest Teena Weena:

When her totally precious son told her that he didn't like any of "the losers she'd been with" and "should have just stuck with my dad."

She said, "Thank you, Michael."


"I'd rather be alone and scratching my ass with a stick than be with your father."

She made me snort!!!!!!!!! At work!


Pateeta said...

I just spewed coffee all over my screen. I coulda SWORE it said "STRETCHING my ass with a stick".

Gotta love that Teena Weena.

Moonchild said...

Good Thought :)

I recently posted something on my blog "10 things I have done most have not...." My last thing to list was about not shagging for 6 years. It appeared to others that I was some alien freak. But to me and was because I just came out of yet another extremely abusive relationship and had absolutely NO DESIRE to have any kind of fuckwit literally f*cking me. And I was an emotional and mental ninny. It's basically taking me six years to get out of my I DO NOT TRUST YOU mood and slowly go back to testing the waters till I met the fuckwit Allie ended up labeling as BRAZY for me this past December... why the long comment??? BECAUSE I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR and if I have to wait another 6 years to shag, so be it. My life will go on dammit and I have plenty of Bob's to help me out in the mean time. So rock on Teena Weena and every other girl out there who has had to deal with fuckmooks!

Peace out, inky

Tasty said...

I forgot to tell ya, I love the word "fuckmooks"!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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