Monday, June 26


Lookit my lil' nephew!


Allie#3ga said...

1. that baby is so cute i can't stand it. i want to eat his that wrong?

2. you look great, skinny bitch!

and 3 - what is that creepy ass looking thing behind your shoulder on the left side of the pic?

Beth said...

It's not wrong that Allie wants to eat Jude's cheeks. I often feel the same way. We just can't act on these impulses.

Also, it's true that you are a skinny bitch. Soon, you will be in danger of drying up and blowing away.

The creepy-ass thing is a baby float that we would use if we ever went to the pool.

thanks for the love for the twin spawn...they are pretty cute, huh?

And their auntie isn't bad, either.

christ*el #3tx said...


and you are truly going to blow away with the next breeze....

AND the hair! the HAIR! i love it!

Anonymous said...

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