Wednesday, June 28

Thanks to Lola and Pandora

I have "discovered" the following artists. Who knew I liked anything other than Jason Mraz??

Go to Pandora and discover new music for yourownself!

Jeffrey Gaines
The Saw Doctors
Amos Lee
Alice Peacock
Tyrone Wells
The New Amsterdams
Dashboard Confessional
Peter Wolf
The Transcenders
Richard Page
Sister Hazel
Brendan Benson
Scott Hinkson
Kalan Porter


amy said...

Have you listened to Josh Kelley yet? You must.

Lola said...

it's about damn time you got on the Train bus! (that will make sense to about 5 people.) i was the giant nerd who ordered train's first cd from a cafe in san francisco the year before they got signed. sigh. i annoy myself sometimes.

get thee to xavier rudd. and landon pig. and billy ray charles. and now i have to go to iTunes to find out who the saw doctors are. snaps on finding the new amsterdams.

and i say with no small amount of shame, i am the one guy who doesn't like dashboard confessional. i am also the one person who is just now jumping on the Panic! at the Disco bus.

Lola said...

and yes, listen to josh kelley IMMEDIATELY! start with 20 miles to georgia. i'm just sayin'.

Allie#3ga said...

i am the 2nd guy who doesn't like dashboard confessional...and lola, please don't jump on the panic! bus... cause really, ew.


Beth said...

I have never even heard of most of these. Am I living under a rock?
Sister Hazel and Train, of course, but the rest sound like those made-up band names.

I guess I need to broaden my horizons. And why are you so in love with Jason Mraz? 'Splain please.

Tasty said...

Taking all advice! And, Beth, I'll be bringing a few Mraz CDs with me on Monday!

Lola said...

beth, we'll convert you to Mrazmerism yet!

christ*el #3tx said...

me 3 for dashboard confessional.

i don't get it.

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