Saturday, June 17

Band Names and More Famous Quotes

Remember this? It's where we discussed hilarious band names. I found some more today!

Rainbow Intestine
Rigormortis Gang
Shoelace Magician
Afro-Sheen Mania
The Moucous Boys
Fishrot on Our Shoes
Leghair Sandwich
Shaven Eyebrow
Bamboo Fingernail
Rastafarian Hurricaine
Decaying Membranes
Starvation Plus!
Clammy Hangnail

and (don't read if you're squeamish)

Afterbirth Casserole.

We were SICK teenagers.

And some fabulous quotes from our Junior year of college:

  • "I know that this came from somwhere deep within the sea." --VBF
  • "I love you so much; let's have some coffee." (Referring to the General Foods International Coffee commercials and their stupidity.) -- Fiance of VBF, Steve
  • (Describing a dress one of VBF's sorority sisters had worn to a dance) "It was the kind of green you only see on a float." -- Steve


Beth said...

Oh, simpler days those were!

Even though I wouldn't go back for anything, we had some laughs, huh?
Then again, we're pretty easily amused.

Lola said...

my favorite band name that we batted around in my junior year of college...

Japanese Santas.

if only any of us could play an instrument at that time we'd be preparing for the grammy's by now. or in rehab.

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