Sunday, September 30

Colts win!

I live in the home of the reigning Super Bowl Champions, and am only semi-sad to say, I don't really care all that much.

What's funny is I'm not a huge fan of the team, but I am a huge fan of the people involved. For example, I think Coach Dungy is an absolute rockstar. And, I am always incredibly thrilled when the Colts win because of the fans I love -- mostly my brother, Matt, and Wandaful. Anyway, I just checked, and the Colts won again. WOOT!

This week, that means Matt, one of my dearest friends EVER and a 10-year resident of Seattle, is on his way to my house. Because he just attended the game. Here, in Indianapolis. This trip, he was in this part of the country because his brother's wedding was last night. Usually, however, he'll just pop into town for a game or two every season. Yay, more Matt for me!

He's here, I'm out!


Beth said...


Hansol said...

I'll never cheer for the team whose head coach makes an appearance on the 700 Club.

Tasty said...

I understand, hansol.

Hansol said...

I've totally come around on Peyton after his spectacular SNL hosting duty, however. :)

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