Wednesday, September 26

Stuff that's making us laugh right now.

So, you know how one says, "about as dumb as a bag of hammers"? (See: Beth's former dog, Lucy, a.k.a. "Hammers.")

Well, just a few minutes ago, Todd says, "...that's about as useful as a pillow case full of raccoon turds"...and I snorted. Now we shall create more of these very, very sad little similies. Please add your own in the comments section.

That's as dumb as...

  • a bag of hammers
  • a pillow case full of raccoon turds
  • a box of hair (Yes, yes, I know. These are getting us warmed up.)
  • a blonde girl wearing a blonde wig

Here's where I tell you that this seemed like a better blog idea than it actually is. Hee! Thankfully, this whole blog experiment is mostly for my veryownpersonal entertainment. If you have some of these sayings you like to use, please share!

I'm joining Allie in her 30-day-writing-daily quest. Check back here Thursday for something entirely better, and far more intelligent. I definitely plan on being the shiniest knife in the crayon box tomorrow!


christelpistol said...

oooh wait i wanna do 30 days of blogging too!

MajorMike said...

-a boxarocks
-a jar of dead crickets
-a plethora of pinatas
-a pile of carpet
-a stick of butter
-a shaggy dog story that just goes on and on and never ends until the listener tries to tear his or her hair out and screams (at the top of his or her lungs), "Stop! Stop! Or I'll pull my hair out by the roots, jab both my eardrums with a sharpened pencil, and shoot myself in the haid and kill myself for ever and ever!"

MajorMike said...

I think it was on Criminal Minds that somebody said, "He's a dumb as a gerbil."

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