Saturday, September 29

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Hi. I'm Stacey and I'm really too old for bachelorette parties. My friend Joleigh is getting married on October 13, and last night we did the pre-wedding party of debauchery. Well, as debaucherous as a bunch of grown, responsible women get in public.

There were kick-ass hors d'oeuvre at our house -- Todd made them, of course! Then some delicious Greek food at Santorini, a favorite restaurant in a hip part of town, a really entertaining drag show at an excellent club in a different (also hip) neighborhood, then and only then, a stripper at the lovely home of another friend, Tina.

I only had to yell once (hee!), and it was because the stripper had gone down to g-string, and was lying on his stomach across the laps of three of the guests. The woman who had the best booty access wasn't touching the booty, or even looking at it! So I said, "Linda, grab that ass, that's what it's there for!" The whole thing was really funny. And, really, not sexy at all. The fully-clothed photographer guy (who was there experimenting with selling instant event photos) was far more intriguing to all of us girls than was the stripper.

It was a great, great time with some of the best friends I have. After the semi-naked dude and his photo dude left, we visited for a couple of hours, and this is when I had the most fun of the evening. It's also when most of the cocktails were consumed. I sobered up to drive home and STILL ended up with a hangover the next day.

When did I turn 38? I swear I thought I was still 22.

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