Tuesday, May 19

Some brief thoughts on our progress as humans on the planet

Not really a light topic, huh? Nope, but really weighing heavily on me. Sometimes, if I just write it, I release it to the Creator, and come to peace about whatever it is that weighs me down.

Today, I am putting my vote in for generosity and patience. Not that I'm fantastic at either; I'm just voting for both. Truly, truly, not fantastic at either, but decent at both. I decided a long time ago that I am generous, so, in every situation, in every day, when I come to a choice-point, I choose generous, as it reflects who I am. Naturally, being human, I sometimes rush through choices unconsciously and pick the small, greedy thing.

And, God knows, I'm not praying for patience, 'cause you get the lessons that teach patience. Arghhhh! Same thing here: I decided a while ago that I am patient (a natural outcome of generosity, as I take it to mean generous with time.) Same thing here, too -- I forget. I rush. I slay myself unconscious. I ignore the tug of the Spirit and whip through choice-points like an impatient, selfish jackass.

But, I find that these are things that demonstrate the John 13:15 thing. (By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.) And, believing that Jesus is both God and a way-shower, I choose this.

I say all that to say this:

When someone isn't loving toward me, when someone or something is against me, and there is no generosity coming from the other party, why am I so angry and so demanding that I be loved and afforded generosity right now?

I ask, "Stacey, how long did you hate yourself before you afforded love and generosity to yourself? How many years did you judge yourself unworthy, inferior, unlovable, and hopelessly sinful before the dawn? And who are you to demand that everyone figure out we're all lovable and all loved this instant?"

My job is to love, afford generosity, and extend patience. Not to demand that everyone "get it" this instant.


Reckless Love and Bold Adventure said...

Oh how I needed this one right now! Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

remember when i told you that if i weren't your friend, i would do everything in my power to BE your friend?

THIS just reaffirms those feelings.

(pasta tin is my captcha)

MajorMike said...

May 19, 2010. Are you kidding me?

p.s. I should talk.

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