Tuesday, October 26

MMMMMMMmm, coffee.

Is there truly anything more delicious than coffee? Not right now, there isn't. I'd seriously consider swimming in good coffee, with about 3/4 shot of almond syrup and way too much half-and-half. Which is what I'm drinking right this minute. With a vanilla sandwich cookie. Since I'm not on a cruise in the Caribbean, this is definitely the second-best way to spend a Tuesday morning.

Now, really, REALLY good coffee should just be consumed naked. You know, flavor-shot- and cream-free. For example, last year during the holiday season, my sweet friend Christel (the CoffeeGoddess) sent me some coffee that she, herownself, had roasted. It arrived at my door as whole beans, in the same coffee bag as some delightful roasted sliced almonds, and, aside from pretty much salivating in a puddle, there was little other appropriate reaction for me to have. Each time I made a pot of that almondy-goodness, I toasted Christel, and drank it naked (the coffee!) Only very good coffee can be savored without the add-ins. And Christel-mas Coffee needed nothing. It smelled, and tasted, like heaven.

Which brings me to my point.

What is your favorite smell?

Obviously, the top of my list is coffee. But there's a few reasons why: it reminds me of Christel, it reminds me of Allie, it reminds me of sitting at the table with Dad and Mom on Saturday mornings while Dad did the crossword puzzle and he or Mom made pancakes, it reminds me of a sweet moment with my friend R, who picked up my after-dinner coffee and smelled it and smiled, it reminds me of my friend F, who is a great coffee-drink maker.

Next after that is probably garlic. Ohmydamn. For those of you playing at home, I have mentioned that I have an unnatural love of garlic bread. I wanna rub it on myself. Well, almost. I'd much rather eat it. A LOT of it. Which is why I don't make it at home -- I'd eat the whole thing. And even I know that's not a real healthy idea. And on pizza? Don't get me started. Mmmmm, meatball pizza!

Somewhere after that is a good smelling man. I've recently spent some time with a man who smells so delicious, I'd follow him down a hallway at work just so I could keep smelling him. He has a variety of colognes, too, so I can only assume he understands that smelling yummy is a good way to get gorgeous women to follow you down a hallway. Public or otherwise.

Since it's fall, I'm pretty much bound to mention that I love-love-love the smells of a hayride. In college I went to the best church, EVER, and we had a hayride every fall that included, well, hay. And a big campfire, and guitar playing, and singing, and hot cider, and donuts, and getting lost on county roads in West Lafayette, Indiana. It also involved the occasional smooch of someone else's fiance. Hey, it was just the once. I get homesick for college every single fall.

Now, I'm sure the second I post this I'll think of six more things I love the smell of, but for now, let's hear yours!


allie said...

ah... something new to think about....
1. i love love love the smell of coffee
2. i love the smell of my dog right after his bath
3. i love the way johnny #5 smells ..
4. i love the smell of turkey on thanksgiving
5. and i love the smell in the house that first night you bring the christmas tree in ... and it's nighttime...and the tree lights are on - but no other lights are on in the house ... and you're just watching the tree..

Wendy said...

Number one, you are a nut! Number two, why have I never been here before? And number three, while I love the smell of a just showered man, the lovely aroma of double fudge brownies in the oven is most appealing..

Madley said...

Wow, how fun! I like all the standard stuff... oh first of all, I have a kinda of deficient nose... teeny nostrils or something that clam up when it's cold and make me snore like a grizzly... but that being said:

The standard stuff: vanilla, smells connected to holidays and seasons (pine, pumpkin, cinnamon potpourri, lavender etc.), roses, cut grass. Foodwise -- I love food smells when I'm hungry, otherwise it's kinda icky... but I do love garlic, BBQ meat, fresh bread, apples and anything Filipino. I love romantic smells -- all those aforementioned boy/man smells are great, never get tired of that.

But my favorite: A memory smell -- one of those that catch you off-guard that and immediately shoots you into another time of your life and you CAN'T not be there! There's one that hits me only once in awhile: The first time I was in love (at 16) in the Philippines... and it was a combination of freshly baked pan de sal (we stayed awake til the the wee hours), burning wood (stoves? trees?) and rain. I'm sure there was a little "man" smell in there too, but I don't remember that very well. My eyes well up whenever I get that smell hits me... but it's a smell (and surprise) I always welcome.

Thanks for this topic!

devilboss said...

Paige and Nolin after their bath.
Coffee (CG Coffee is the best)

*L'ola said...

my list is similar to a few of these.
*my grapefruit candle from bendel's
*the top of a baby's head
*hubby's new cologne that he wants but doesn't know he got yet (pleasure's for men)
*hubby's normal cologne that when he wears it it means we're going out (happy for men)
*huber's apple bread
*dinner that someone else cooked
*oil paint (not the kind for walls and exteriors)
*many many more

HisRoyalTness said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
HisRoyalTness said...

Would you believe that there was once a time when I was certain that I was Self-Actualized*?

*See Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

One of my favorite smells is pine needles and insect repellant. It always reminds me of camp.

I also love the smell of a forest after a long soaking rain.

I love cut grass in the morning (even if my allergies hate it)

The smell of freshly baked cookies.

Freshly baked bread.

A warm fuzzy blanket, just taken out of the dryer, after being dried with a snuggle dryer sheet.

Clean clothes that were hung out on a clothesline out in the country (but not down wind from the cows)

Pretty girl's shampoo.

My little baby girl after her bath and the smell of the nightime jasmine baby-lotion. For the longest time I just thought that was the way babies smelled, but even after finding out that it was baby-lotion, I still love it.

Wendy said...

Two words: Up date 

christ*el #3tx said...

i love being mentioned several times in someone else's blog. yay me.

and then being mentioned in the comments too. and that almost makes it all about me, but then i realized that allie is the one who mentioned me... and somehow it turns back to all about her.

amazing, huh?

Anonymous said...

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