Wednesday, October 6

Oh, how I love publishing my self-indulgence.

I know I just did the 101ish things, but now my girls have done a "odd stuff about me" list, and I'm joining in, 'cause I like talking about myself, anyway. Here they are.

NB: Some of these will seem strange if you don't know me real well, but if you're, say, Allie or Christel or Lauren, most of them will be normal.

  • I wear a tiara in public pretty frequently.
  • I like lilac nail polish on my toes. It's cute, contrary to my mom's opinion.
  • I call my father "Dadness."
  • I am only white on the outside.
  • I'm gonna make out with Allie, take a picture of it, frame it, and put it in my living room.
  • I'm straight, but I somehow think this will be a good thing.
  • I also know all the lines to the Princess Bride.
  • And the Holy Grail.
  • And the Life of Brian.
  • When I got my doggie (who I now *adore*) she was NOTHING I wanted. I wanted a baby sausage dog puppy, and I got a grown pit bull terrier, as a gift, from my former albatross.
  • She cost me 100 smacks to adopt, 300 for pet deposit, and 120 for her first vet visit, which was an emergency. And, yes, I mean that I paid for all of it, (because he rarely earned much.)
  • Since I figured I could've gotten a nice ruby ring for $520, I named my puppygirl Ruby. In lieu of a ruby, I got Ruby Lou. (Incidentally, Ruby Lou turned out to be a LOT better than a ruby ring.)
  • One of my best friends is in love with my brother although she’s never met him.
  • When I was younger I HATED HATED feet, and would screech if anyone put their foot near me, even if it was clean and in a clean sock.
  • I got over it.
  • I was married to a Mc Donald Land character.
  • Grimace.
  • I just tried Vegan food for the first time on purpose. (I mean, I've eaten some great pasta salads and stuff my whole life that were Vegan.)
  • I have met boys in person who I originally met on the internet.
  • Four out of five of them have been very nice experiences.
  • I tell people (whose business it isn't) that I met them in Starbucks.
  • For those who I choose to tell my business to, here's how I tell them. Go ahead, you try it, it's much more explanatory that way: say, "S t a r b u c k s" slowly and deliberately with the corny quote mark hands.
  • I have in my possession a very-old-lady-gramma car, AND a mid life man car.
  • I've sent girls (and boys) that I love chocolate and money just because.
  • I spent the 4th of July last year on a boat in Washington State.

More as warranted.


allie said...

is there anyway possible that i could love you more ... and i'm sure when i actually meet your brother - i'll love him almost as much.

devilboss said...

Fabulous! I too like to wear a tiara in public. Now about that newspaper column.

HisRoyalTness said...

You are quite possibly the 2nd coolest person that I've "met" recently.

(technically it's probably a tie, but if I even hinted that you might be as cool or cooler than Allie, I could end up with a size 9 pump slapped upside my head and no one wants that)

I think it's hilarious that you refer to your ex as Grimace, but I also know as a FACT that you could and WILL do OH so much better than him. I've come to dispise him by default.

christ*el #3tx said...

sign me up for this love train too.

and i love love love that fact that you pretty much are a Reverse Hershey Hug. milk chocolate on the outside, white chocolate on the inside. careful, next time i see you i might bite.

and i got a mention. BY name. not by my pseudonym, Et.

yay me!

allie said...

size 8 1/2 jackass.

devilboss said...

Now Allie's pissed. Somebody better be runnin' away fast! :-)

Tasty said...

Really, she wears a 6, but a 7 feels so good she buys an 8.

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