Monday, October 4

Reasonable Appreciation for my Complete and Undeniable Fabulosity

While I did steal, outright, the title for this post from one of my favorite girls, I think it explains the goodness that was my weekend so perfectly, that I had to go with it. All weekend, I felt very appreciated!!! (Thank you, Dande, for the words.)

Anyway, I drove to Chicago Friday night and met R, my boy-type-friend. And a smashing-good kisser, I must say. We hung out, laughed a whole bunch, ate pizza at Leona's (the Vegan kind -- quite good, actually), then we watched the best episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 that I've ever seen. The movie that the "guys" commented on was The Starfighters, starring none other than Bob Dornan, yes, that Bob Dornan, and it was stupefyingly bad. F-minus bad. Hideous bad. Cannot-even-explain-it bad, but that made for a superb episode of MST3K. Laughing is always good. Laughing, lying on the couch, and having your feet in someone's lap is even better. Nice movie-watching times.

Saturday was a trip to the dog beach at Lake Michigan. Have you been there? Because if you haven't, lemme know and we'll plan a trip. Doggies at the beach chasing tennis balls into the surf are so freakin' happy that if you leave there pissed off, there's something wrong with you, my friend. There were a couple of Boxer puppies I wanted to cart off in my pocket and a beautiful golden named Keaton that I when I started petting his head he just parked his doggie butt down beside me. Aw, pretty boy! [Said in my dog voice.] I have a soft spot for all pit bulls, and there were a couple very pretty ones. Jezebel was a fun dog to watch, too. She kept chasing other dogs and kind of squeak-barking every time she bounced. Made me laugh aloud. Oh, and a chocolate lab stalking baby seagulls was one of the best things I've ever seen!

Saturday evening was my voyage to the north, Glenview, to retrieve my 'mate, Matt, and his friend L. I'm always shocked to realize just how much I miss Matt whenever I get to hug his neck. Of course, I burst into tears, because that's what I do. He said, "I love how emotional you are, Stacey." To which I responded, "I'm so glad, because there are no other choices available."

We met E at a bar called the Duke of Perth for Scottish beers and a lovely grilled lamb appetizer. From there we went to dinner, veggie Indian food at a very new place called Essence of India -- it was delicious! I obviously need more Indian food in my life. Nan, spinach, cheese, garlic, curry, chickpeas. How can you go wrong? Especially with nan, which, as previously revealed, is my favorite food group. We then went to another very new place called The Grafton for more beers, Irish this time. Actually, I was too full to drink beer, so I went for a girly martini. Anyway, when you're at a bar called The Grafton, and all attending parties have been to Grafton Street in Dublin, then you get to tell endless Ireland stories! Big fun. I met Matt there in 1988 for a week over Thanksgiving, and we never got over it. We like it that way.

Over an hour was spent dropping Matt and L back off in the great North, and making my way back to the north end of Lake Shore drive in the city, finding a damn parking place, and walking back to R's. More outstanding kisses followed, and then I got hugged -- with the occasional kiss on my shoulder -- while sleeping. You know that's comfy stuff, right there.

Sunday morning, I got up, poured my very tired ass back into the SS Erickson, and drove back home, where I promptly got into bed and slept... for 5 hours. A.) Don't tell my mom, and B.) That's what you get to do when you don't have any babies! Got up for a few hours, ate english muffins and eggs for dinner, watched Law & Order, and went back to sleep. Yeah, that's a good weekend.


HisRoyalTness said...


2)I'm jealous.

3)And I hate you.

4)Disregard 3, it's really just a further expression of 2.

allie said...

1.) todd is a dork
d.) you're telling me you had making out, dogs, beer, indian food, more making out, and giggling with friends?
18.) THEN a 5 hour nap.

you're my idol. that sounds like the world's most perfect weekend possible. yay for you.... now we just need to include me in that weekend and it WOULD be the world's most perfect weekend. i love you muchly babygirl!

devilboss said...

It couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Sounds like big fun and I'm always good with you having big fun! love you much

*L'ola said...

the only way that weekend could be any better is if i were with you the whole time....especially the nap. i'd kiss your shoulder too because i love you.

Anonymous said...

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