Monday, January 10

Boys are so entertaining!

So, I joined an online dating site, mostly for grins, as I'm not really ready to have even a semi-permanent boyfriend. Honestly, I guess I just wanted to see who might be interested in a fabu babe such as myself.

I signed up for a site that serves larger women, (since I are one) and dudes who are more attracted to women who are larger. [FYI: That vernacular is BBW or Big Beautiful Woman, most of the time. In my case, emphasis on the second B. Once again, to review, I'm not modest.] Anyway, it's kinda like for the extraordinarily voluptuous.

So, imagine my utter amusement when I had the following exchange with one of the men who belongs to the site. He had a fun ad, with a picture (which I found attractive) to which I replied, "Hi, hope you're having a great day. Let me know if you'd like to exchange email sometime."

Here is what I received in return:

Hi,I actually used to live in Indianapolis for 4 1/2 yrs. from Aug. of 91 to Dec. of 95. Where I live now is 2 hours away. I liked your first message you sent me. You have a pretty face but I would like to see the rest of you. I do like bigger girls (or I wouldnt be a member of this site) but only to an extent. So if you have some other picts that show more of you feel free to send them to my email at (I edited his email address.)

My favorite part is "only to an extent"! BWAHAHAH!

Who wants to guess what my reply was? Guesses? Anyone?

OK, I'll tell you.

"Dear BigDork,

I'm positive I'm beyond your extent: mentally.

Have a nice day,

I love mydamnself.


Smashlee said...

Boys are dumb, and entertaining!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That made me grin. Good answer!

(And more than likely an understatement too...:)

amy said...

Did he respond back? I am going to cut and paste that to my Fuckwit Hall of Fame list ok? That was classic fuckwit material.

Allie#3ga said...

just when i think i can't possibly love you anymore - you throw this on me ... it's fantastic .. and tell me more about this site - sounds like a good idea for some network timekilling!

M'Ary* said...

I think this makes it necessary to add:

7. Being a jackass WILL NOT get you laid.

to my list of rules.

Silly, silly boy.

christ*el #3tx said...

SHUT......the FUCK.......Up.

you are my very own personal favorite.

Im A Foto Nut said...

woooooooooo whoooooooooooo

You Go Girl!

Just proves that not all of us are gentlemen. What a shmuck.


mellancollyeyes said...

yo're officially my favorite person of the day after having read this.

Good job!!

Anonymous said...

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