Tuesday, January 4

Happy New Year! (2004 In Review - Stolen from Inky)

Most Fun Moments in 2004:

  1. Liberating myself from Mooresville.
  2. Getting my tattoo with Tami and Shannon and Pears!
  3. Hot Moroccan Boy.
  4. Mountain Road Trip.
  5. Flashing in Nashvegas.

Best New Friends You Made in 2004:

  1. Allie -- loved her before, but she became "best" this year
  2. Christel -- same deal
  3. Lola -- same deal
  4. Shannon Rose -- myveryown Brenda
  5. Dr. Mary Sims
  6. Terri my new soul sister!

People You Are Most Thankful For in 2004:

  1. Allie
  2. Wandaful
  3. Teena Weena
  4. Terri
  5. Matthew

Most Emotionally Straining Moments in 2004:

  1. Actually telling Grimace I was going to divorce him.
  2. Trying to pack all my stuff up while Grimace was there.
  3. Trying to be superwoman while secretly hoping for youthful death.
  4. Helping a close friend pack and move a 5000 SF house... without her husband (long, and truly awful story.)
  5. Dealing with my divorce and my friend's disaster at the same time.

Biggest Changes in 2004:

  1. Forgiving myself for making a huge mistake.
  2. Getting out of the mistake.
  3. Finally living downtown!!!
  4. Admitting I had a less than stellar year at work.
  5. Actually really and truly loving myself and admitting my true self to God, even though He's known about me since before time.

MY Best Songs of 2004:

  1. Sleeping to Dream, Jason Mraz
  2. Unfold, Jason Mraz
  3. Live versions of about 10 John Mayer things
  4. Home, Marc Broussard
  5. Dirty Man, Joss Stone

Best Things I Have Discovered:

  1. I'd rather be me than anyone else.
  2. When you least expect it, angels disguised as people will appear in your life.
  3. Sometimes, you get people back!
  4. Laughing every single day. Really hard. Until you snort.
  5. That I can do better. And I can do more.

Best Purchases:

  1. A $110 application for divorce.
  2. Anything hair-and-makeup related. (I'm really that shallow! HAHA!)
  3. Gas money for road trips.
  4. Part of my tattoo -- the rest was a gift!
  5. Peace of mind.

Things to change in 2005:

  1. My financial house.
  2. Improve my overall health.
  3. Let go of more baggage.
  4. Dare to make a 3 and 5 year goal.
  5. Start working on the goals.

Best Movies From This Year:

  1. Polar Express
  2. That's all -- what else have I seen?

Best CD's From This Year:

  1. Live at Java Joes', Jason Mraz
  2. Carencro, Marc Boussard
  3. Soul Sessions, Joss Stone
  4. Genius Loves Company, Ray Charles, et. al.

Things I Want to Do:

  1. More road trips!
  2. And then a couple more.
  3. Get my navel pierced. YES, I know! Shut up.
  4. Dance.
  5. Sing.

Dreams I Want to Turn into Reality:

  1. Sing in a bar. (Not karaoke.)
  2. Dance on a bar. (Just kidding! Really!)
  3. Write and publish my food column. "Bread, Butter, Cheese: The Things That Made My Ass What it is Today"
  4. Start the body-product-humor business with Allie.
  5. Figure out how to do the t-shirt business with Allie, Lola, and Terri.

Concerts That I Want to See:

  1. Jeff Steele!!!
  2. Jason Mraz
  3. John Mayer
  4. Indigo Girls
  5. Bonnie Raitt
  6. Jeff Steele!!!


Allie#3ga said...

do you have any idea how excited i get when i see that you've updated ... and then i see my NAME mentioned ... it makes a crappy lunch at the desk all worth it.

i love you - thanks for listening to me last night.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh...I have to ask...have you posted about Hot Morrocan Boy? And the tattoo?? Did I miss it somewhere in your blog?

And I highly advise getting your navel pierced. Although it seems to take FOREVER to heal (up to 6 months, mind you!), it's well worth it! I had mine done several years ago and do not regret it!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog (Pit Bulls are nothin' but big babies, aren't they??? I have my girl, Jezbel, inside but her son, Strider (aka the proverbial bull in a china shop), stays outside.)

Jackie said...

Cool list--evertime I come to your site it makes me smile and feel happy. Thanks.

amy said...

You are welcome for stealing my list even though I stole it from another site! ha ha. Hey, being a graphic designer for the past 16 years and I used to work in a T-Shirt factory as a designer and photographer...I will help design the shirts when you and the girls go into business. Count me in on the bandwagon :) Rock on! inky

devilboss said...

Jeff Steele!!!!! I'm with ya sister. Come see me or better yet, Ima come see you!

pears said...

ahem....mayhap you forgot the "Grimace Episodes" I should think those would surely rate somewhere. =)
oh, and by the way, I missssssssss you!

Tasty said...

I can NOT believe I forgot the Grimace Episodes! Grimacefiles... he he he.

Wandaful said...

Sparkle Plenty, Just want to say thanks for including me in your list. We did our share of crying this past year, but it was soooo nice knowing that we were there for each other (and both going through #2 (NO, not poop!) together!!). You are truly an angel and a joy to have in my life!

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work

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