Thursday, February 3


I'm so excited I could just pee! As you have probably noticed, the NUMBERS are getting together at the home of #3GA/Bitchcakes. I am not sure I've been this excited since my voyage to the parade in Jackson, MS where I got kissed on the cheek by Gerald MacRaney. (More on that another day.)

All I can tell you is what the others have already said: stock up on beer and vodka, because we'll be having the rest of it, that's what. [Sidenote: I will NOT be drinking margaritas this time, because I think we all know just how painful my hangover was last time. As #3SC/TX said, I was S.T.Rugglin'. Thank God #4's Big Gay Husband fed me greasy breakfast foods.] You'll also want to stock up on cheesy and fried things, because we'll be having the rest of those, too.

Also, be very, very jealous, because there will be dancing in the den, making out, and picture-taking. (Allie and I have been threatening to take a picture of us kissing to frame for our respective living rooms for about two years now.) We're gonna laugh so hard we almost throw up, then we're gonna laugh some more. Then we're gonna cry (because that's what we do.) And, you know what? We're going to just be under the influence of one another for a few days.

Seriously, I'm probably going to break into tears at the sight of my Allison who has truly been the voice of humor, acceptance, encouragement, and quasi-reason (because who wants the serious kind of reason) over the last year of my life. I truly, truly do not envy the rest of the citizens of Atlanta, because the high-pitched squeals of delight are going to set the dogs to howling, don't you know!



devilboss said...

I hope y'all have the best time ever. And save one of those hugs for me because I will not go much longer without seeing you.

Allie#3ga said...

you have me crying right now reading this.

i'm so very honored that you call me friend. i love you babycakes .. and i'll see you to-frekin-morrow!

Champagnelady59 said...

Since I know you will be having the time of your life. Please don't make Mike howl! he is the best dog on the planet.

Madley said...

HAVE FUN Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is me...Pears......let me just say that I'm crying real tears.....tears because I will not be playing, drinking nor will I be making out with you beauteous wimmins and tears because I know how happy you all will be to see wach other. Make sure to kiss hug and do a lil' grope for me would ya?? xoxox

Im A Foto Nut said...

Hope you have a towle or a mop, for the pee that is.

Ps. When you return, and sober up, I posted another U. M. 101 lesson 3, for your reading enjoyment.

amy said...

have fun. drink plenty of vodka for me.

Im A Foto Nut said...

listen Girlfren, I noz u bin partaing, but, u noz u gotz lotz o cachin up to do!



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