Wednesday, May 11

Essential Message

Today I found this essential message from God to us, and from us to one another, cleverly disguised as a Joss Stone song. From the CD Mind, Body, and Soul. Also, if you haven't heard this recording, you gotta. It's amazing beyond the lyric.


A loss that would have thrown
A hole through anybody's soul
And you were only human after all
So don't hold back the tears my dear
Release them so your eyes can clear
I know that you will rise again
But you gotta let them fall
I wish that I could snap my fingers
Erase the past but no
You cannot rewind reality
Once the tape's unrolled

If your spirit's broken and you can't bear the pain
I will help you put the pieces back
A little more each day
And if your heart is locked and you can't find the key
Lay your head upon my shoulder
I'll set you free
I'll be your security

A moment of despair
That forces you to say that life's unfair
It makes you scared of what tomorrow may bring
But don't go giving into fear
Stop hiding all alone in there
The show keeps going on and on
But you'll miss the whole damn thing
I wish I had a crystal ball to see what the future holds
But we don't know how the story ends till it's all been told


On any clock upon the wall
The time is always now
So baby kiss the past goodbye
Don't let the future blow your mind
Just sit back and chill
Take things as they come
You can't be afraid
To live for today
I will be with you each step of the way

Chorus (2x)


*L'ola said...

i love that song and i love you. truer words were never spoken by a 17 year old Gap spokesperson.

Allie#3ga said...

i think someone should say copy that and bring it to me...just saying.

*L'ola said...

it is in the stack. i'm just sayin'. 15 days.

Smashlee said...

I heard a song by her at lunch today that I liked. She has a nice voice.

MamaChef said...

Me thinks I need to hear it through...the words are awesome! Please don't flog me for askin' this a new artist? I miss alot, it happens :)

Anonymous said...

I luvs me some Joss. Let's play!

love, tille

Anonymous said...

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