Monday, May 16

Regarding My Photo

Apparently, my photo has caused some concern.

I give you exhibit A:

Note from Jenny Fines Cox:

"By the way....I kinda like the new picture. Although I am wondering what it is you're wearing or not. hehehe"

Wiseass girl. I love her so much.

I now give you exhibit B:

Email from Allison:


To: #5
From #3ga
Date: May 12, 2005
Re: Possible Sexual Content on your blog

Ms. #5,

Upon my daily reading (it's like the bible, but it's not) , I took notice of your new and most loverly photo. However, it seems to me that you are clothed in some form of lingerie.

I think it should me mandatory that you post some i was struck with undue moistness knowing the boobs were JUST below frame.

You're going to be blamed for inter-blog hard ons throughout the EN-tire internet...

Just Sayin,

How do you not ADORE this girl? OHmydamn, I laughed my ass directly OFF!

For the record:

I'm wearing a little light green tank top with lace on the top edge. And little else.

How about THAT for a blog entry?? 100% stolen from my funnyass friends!


tinyhands said...

100% stolen from them, and the inspiration for mine...

Tasty said...

How can I twist this into something where my picture has inspired Tinyhands??

christ*el #3tx said...

i just wanna lick you ... whatever you wear inspires me, but the lack of clothing makes it THAT MUCH BETTER!


*L'ola said...

at first i was just entranced by the sexyness of the picture...then you uttered the words "and little else". the entire left side of my cerebral cortex melted from the hotness. "moist" does not begin to cover it. you are a hottie!

i'm not entirely sure i can wait till next week.

Tasty said...

You guys kill me! You know what's funny is the picture turned out this way (sexy-bay-bee!) in the midst of me giggling at myself for taking my own damn picture with my webcam. I couldn't have gotten a sexy picture if I'd been trying real hard. Heh, I said "hard."

Pears said...

Baaaaybeeeee!!! You are so waaaaaaaay turning me on. Now, with that in mind go back again and read The "Deck". Do you have any idea how long it's been???? OVER 3, yes, I said 3 MONTHS!!! ANd here you are paradin' around like that. I may need a few moments alone.

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