Tuesday, May 10

Nuttin' better.

So, some good friends of mine stayed in my apartment whilst I was visiting the Fam in Florida. My dear Matt has named all of my residences for quite some time now, and he named this one, too. I made a minor revision with the name and left this for them (framed, of course) on my counter.

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I came home to GORGEOUS flowers and hotel reviews. "All the ameneties you've come to expect from a European Boutique Hotel, but with a convenient downtown Indianapolis location." (Seattle Times Travel Editor) and "Purty pitchers and nice bed. Couldn't find the outhouse all weekend! A 6-tooth ratin'!" (From the Knoxville Travel Section.) I couldn't have been happier or gigglier if I tried. I love having funny friends.

More later, but wanted to share this.
Love, me


christ*el #3tx said...

j'adore you!

*L'ola said...

moi aussie. il est une hotel tres chic et comfortable. je t'aime, ma petite chou. - the Lola Times and Gazette

i am especially proud of the correctly used circumflex in the name.

Im A Foto Nut said...

Cripes it's feast or famine with you. I have be checking regularly, and was about to tell you to get in gear. Then I come and found not one, but three posts! Woo Hoo Herownbadself is back!

Anonymous said...

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