Monday, October 24


I'm such a follower. This is the thing where you type in "[your name] needs" and then report the top 10 things it turns up.

Here are the "Stacey needs" results!

  1. Stacey needs to graduate.
  2. Stacey needs an accountant and twelve hours of sleep!
  3. Stacey needs more signs.
  4. Stacey needs all our prayers (because if she doesn’t finish this tax return the IRS will come after her!)
  5. Stacey needs somewhere to live to get away from her parents.
  6. Stacey needs help getting her name out there.
  7. Stacey needs me to update a file with additional research, to see if there has been any new law since she last looked at this issue two years ago.
  8. Stacey needs to be amongst people of her own age and to be stimulated.
  9. Stacey needs help with feeding, bathing, dressing and grooming
  10. Now, 364 pounds lighter, Stacey needs many surgeries to get rid of the excess skin.


Pears said...

just exactly what kind of 'stimulation'(#8) do you need????

Tasty said...

The kind only you can give me, bay-bee!

christ*el #3tx said...

sure did copy it. i will help you with your place to live away from your parents if you will help me with my donkey.

Allie#3ga said...

yeah, me too

Pears said... THAT the immortal words of our beloved ShannonRose....."Bend Over BAYBEEE!"

Where/when are we gonna play? I'm missing you too much.

TheRedOne said...

Number 10 made me wet myself. I'm just sayin'.

Love you girl.

Anonymous said...

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