Wednesday, October 19

An then, there's the reason I love Garrison Keillor.

"There is almost no marital problem
that can't be helped enormously by
taking off your clothes."

The point of the whole article where he said this is to have more fun, which can sometimes (if not always) be facilitated by spouses gettin' nekkid with one another. I just love how he puts it. A wordsmith with a smartass edge gets my vote every time. Have a great day!


Allie#3ga said...


now i want ketchup and powdered milk biscuits.

i love this man too ....

christ*el #3tx said...

the best marital advice we ever got was, "as soon as you 2 start to fight, get 2 chairs, face them towards each other, disrobe, sit down and continue your fight. no matter what it is, you just cant continue the fight"

its true.

but at least we lay down towels on the seats for when we have company.

MajorMike said...

After almost 40 years of marriage, now you tell me.

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