Wednesday, May 17


You know what's crazy? Sometimes, even though I'm outrageously blessed, living like I'm truly grateful is hard work.

I mean, COME ON, I live in.doors. Where there's air conditioning! I have a clean, comfortable bed. I actually have to diet because I have had too much to eat for most of my adult life. I'm employed, with health insurance, and a 401(k). I have, truly, the most wonderful friends in the history of recorded time. I have a family that is beyond wonderful.


I also have a work situation that I'm somehow allowing to sap my happy.

Here's what I need:

A.) You, over there, make me laugh!
B.) Recommend something fabulous for a job search idea.
C.) Pray for me (or, if you don't pray, do whatcha do) to not only maintain my gratitude, but to demonstrate it. At work, even.
D.) Offer me a job.
E.) See "C" above.

Thanks. Mean it.

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