Sunday, September 26

101 Things About Me

  1. It's been 7 years since the hair on my head was its natural color.
  2. My alma mater is Purdue University.
  3. My degree is in professional writing.
  4. They actually let me write for a living.
  5. I live in downtown Indianapolis.
  6. I love living downtown -- I'm just not a suburban kinda chick.
  7. I like calling myself a chick.
  8. I belong to PEO, which is a sorority-type thing that gives money to women for higher education.
  9. I'm a Christian.
  10. And I know how to think.
  11. And I'm totally comfortable with the fact that faith looks NOTHING like sanity.
  12. I truly believe that life is stunningly beautiful. Even when it sucks.
  13. Music makes a huge difference in my life.
  14. My friends make a bigger difference.
  15. I can't believe that it's an accident that I met A, L, D, S, G, and H. Even though the liklihood of us meeting was so slim, it just doesn't feel accidental.
  16. I am not a mom.
  17. I am a mom.
  18. Just not to my own children.
  19. I want to adopt two little girls from China. Always have.
  20. I'm smart.
  21. I've made some shitty choices.
  22. I'm REAL smart.
  23. I can be real annoying about how smart I am.
  24. I LOVE to sing! It makes me giddy.
  25. I LOVE to write! It takes a lot out of me.
  26. I'm kinda tall.
  27. My brother is one of my favorite humans on this planet now or ever.
  28. My folks rock, too.
  29. There is nothing more wonderful than people.
  30. There is nothing more confusing than people.
  31. There is nothing more frustrating and irritating than people.
  32. Yes, those all go together.
  33. I want to live in a bigger city.
  34. I can speak enough of 4 languages to get you into trouble.
  35. I'm only really fluent in English.
  36. Classical Greek is the most difficult thing I've ever studied.
  37. Except for Russian, which I try to forget about. Daily.
  38. I've met some of my closest friends in the world because of a book.
  39. My soulmate is a man.
  40. Who is also gay.
  41. Which is both wonderful and heartbreaking.
  42. I've been married.
  43. Twice.
  44. And I'm not married now.
  45. I'm freakishly girly.
  46. Like painted nails, makeup wearing, hair do-ing girly.
  47. But I still love to go camping and fishing.
  48. One of my best memories is camping with my family in the Grand Tetons.
  49. I have some grand tetons, in case you were wondering.
  50. Anyway, my brother and I were lying on top of a picnic table watching a meteor shower and the Milky Way was so clear I thought we might be able to reach out and touch it.
  51. I was a Girl Scout for 12 years.
  52. I earned lots o' badges and stuff.
  53. I learned two important things in Girl Scouts: 1.) How to ride a horse, and 2.) How to make my best friend crazy. E-mail me, I'll tell you the story.
  54. People who don't read really get on my last nerve.
  55. A man who is hilarious and brilliant is far, far, FAR sexier than one who only has physical attractiveness.
  56. Not that we don't enjoy both, in their places.
  57. My verybestfriend and her hubby are expecting TWINS!!!
  58. They are already named: Jude and Silas.
  59. I get to be their auntie. I am already the auntie to their other children: Jacob (11), Chloe (8), and Seth (deceased), the cutest people who ever lived!
  60. The kids call me Aunt Tasty. It cracks me up every time they say it.
  61. My cube at work is decorated within and inch of its life.
  62. Colleagues stop by to look at my new pictures and sayings and crap all the time. Social to a fault.
  63. I'm genetically predisposed to optimism.
  64. I have a deep, deep sadness in my heart because I have recently discovered It seriously makes me sick.
  65. Seriously. I'm not kidding.
  66. I have an unnatural love for garlic bread.
  67. It may, in fact, be possible to purchase me with dark chocolate.
  68. My current favorite drink is the dirty martini.
  69. Or Kir Royale, if I'm feeling festive.
  70. Cheesecake is so good it should probably be illegal.
  71. Coffee is the same way.
  72. If I could swim in coffee and cream, I would do it.
  73. Love is not enough.
  74. Kissing is REAL good stuff.
  75. I'd really like a real good friend who also is male.
  76. One who understands how hard I rock.
  77. And one who might rub my head.
  78. I'm learning to let go faster.
  79. I'm learning to adjust quicker.
  80. I'm learning to balance my checkbook.
  81. I have a LOT of energy.
  82. One of my trademarks is that I always smell awesome.
  83. That could also be stated, "I'm a perfume whore." I love the stuff.
  84. I have expensive taste.
  85. But I don't buy a lot of expensive items.
  86. I'd rather travel.
  87. I ADORE travel and like it more than jewelry.
  88. And I love me some damn jewelry.
  89. I am Portuguese.
  90. I'm also like a gabillion other nationalities, but I look Portuguese.
  91. I'm brave.
  92. And sometimes scared.
  93. I adore politics.
  94. I detest politicians.
  95. Swimming is so fun I should move somewhere that it's warm all year.
  96. I love being tan, too, so that figures in nicely.
  97. I was a Navy brat.
  98. I was born in Maryland.
  99. I work very hard almost all the time.
  100. The rest of the time I'm a lazy ass.
  101. I'm done with this list!
  102. For now.


pears said...

Ok, so now that you've done this, I find that I too must get in this bandwagon of which you speak. Also, I love you more than you know.

Incredipete said...

I found your comment on my 101 things. Thanks for coming by. You know what, I have actually had an "in person" argument with Fred Phelps (the GodHatesFags guy). He is from Topeka Kansas. I live in Kansas City, but I was in Topeka for the "Treasure of the Czars" and he was there. I don't know why. Anyway, I had a pretty extensive religious upbringing, so I "got it on" with him. I kept quoting verses from the Bible that contradict what he says, and of course, it didn't make a difference. But I felt better. Not as much better as I felt as when a car drove by and threw rotten eggs at the group, but hey...

allie said...

stacey, i think you know just how much i adore you...i think you quite literally saved my life this summer - and i'm in debt to you forever for that .... and i think you rock seriously hard cord. i'm proud as all get out that you call me your friend! i love you.

HisRoyalTness said...

um okay, I tried to comment on this entry once before, but I'm so lame I commented on a post from 9 weeks earlier. So much for my claim to being brilliant... at least I can still claim witty. And Allie, Hush.

Be proud of me I resisted the urge to comment on 26, 55, 56 and 49.

That electro-shock-therapy must be working after all.

Tasty said...

Thanks, HRT, I read both your replies, and I appreciate your humility. HA! :)

allie said...

dead sexy new layout sister. i like it.

pears said...

the colors man.....look at the colors

devilboss said...

I love all 101 things that you listed. You rock so hard that it scares me a little.

christ*el #3tx said...

"I can't believe that it's an accident that I met A, L, D, S, G, and H. Even though the liklihood of us meeting was so slim, it just doesn't feel accidental"

i think your "c" key might be broken.

Tasty said...

It was. You are *ALWAYS* included, since you're "Et."

christ*el #3tx said...

oh, right. i almost forgot.


Pateeta said...

Yeah, your "P" was broken, too. I hate when my "P" is broken.

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