Tuesday, September 14

My New Food Column

So, lately I've been thinking that just because I have an actual Purdue degree in writing, that shouldn't keep me from actually enjoying it. Writing, I mean. Work will sometimes sap the fun right out of your passions, but only if you're not careful. In all honesty, I can't complain: they let me write for a living, and they pay me enough to live indoors, go on the occasional vacation, and buy cute shoes. Also, I am able to procure enough delicious food to ensure that I'm never a size 8. That being said, I'd rather take approximately three times as many vacations as I take now, go on a mini-road-trip every other weekend, and a girly-girl can never have enough pairs of shoes. Thus, I've decided to combine my two loves into one thing that will make my third love.

Food + Writing = Lots of Cash

Okay, okay, I don't really LOVE money. I just love what it can do for me, i.e., fly me to Zihuatanejo, Mexico with Allison, Lauren, Matt, and Dande, et. al. Anyway, I've decided to call my column:

Bread, Butter, Cheese: The Things That Made My Ass What it is Today.

Please start thinking of ways I can sell this column to the newspapers. Eventually, of course, it will need to be syndicated so that I can afford the luxurious life the abovementioned girls and I so richly deserve. When you have a brilliant idea for marketing this genius work, email me at erickson_stacey@yahoo.com. First column appearing here soon.

Thank you.


allie said...

ok - 1. could you BE any cuter. b. i'm thrilled that you're writing on this damn blog and 7. i'm even more thrilled that you want me to go to mexico with you ... and that is a frekin excellent list of people to travel with.

Smashlee said...

Start submitting articles to your local paper in the editorial section. Have any local magazines, try there too.

If you write it, we will read it. I am sure others will too.

christ*el #3tx said...


laughing so hard.
and i am NOW changing my name to "et al" that way i get included in more stuff.

devilboss said...

Hey CG, you be et. and I'll be al. Wanna?

Tasty said...

Et and Al, thank you so much for commenting. I love you both!!!

*L'ola said...

Steve Manheimmer. I'm not sure if he still is, but he used to be (as of about 7 years ago, when I moved back to KY) the food critic for the Indianapolis Sunday Star News. He was also my mentor in art school. He's a brat and real hard to get to know, but once you're in, you're in. He wrote me many letters of reference for various art schools and galleries and jobs and such and I could possibly write one for you to him. It'd at least be a start in the right direction and he'd be a great reference to ask where and how to get started.

Plus, he's gotta retire sometime. You could be his hand picked replacement.

devilboss said...

al loves you too and just tell whatever newspaper or magazine you choose that their subscriptions will rise rapidly if they give you a column. You know it's true. We would all have to subscribe!

christ*el #3tx said...

WB, i LOVE that idea.


MamaChef said...

Can I be et or al jr.????? :D

Stacy you must let me know when you are published so that I can subscribe too!!!!! You are cuter than cute girl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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