Tuesday, September 28

Soulful Music

So there's a lot of Jason Mraz admiration going around among us right now, and I just have to say, it's SO justified. Ohmydamn, there is just about nothing better than a creative person with the ability to convey intensity of emotion using music. Makes me shiver involuntarily with lust for the odd-looking skinny guy. (Not that there's anything wrong with odd-looking or skinny. Just not my thing, the skinny.) The guitar, the voice, the vocal percussion, the instrumental percussion (yeah, we love Toca, too), and then more of the guitar. DAMN SAM. I'm listening to the live CD from Java Joe's in Cali, and it's truly amazing. (Um, you can see my ability to describe music needs some refining, but you got the message that I'm in awe right now, yeah?)

Hang with me, I think this all actually relates paragraph-to-paragraph.

Who among us can resist a passionate, creative type. Really. Music is just one avenue of conveying conciousness and connection. Admit it, we also love people who write words, draw pictures, take pictures, write music, sing, play a musical instrument, write code, make great jokes, create sculpture, roast coffee, cook delightful food: create things where they were not before. Especially create ways for humans to feel something in common or to communicate better... I'm beginning to ramble, but do you get my general swirl here?

There is nothing that lights me on fire better than a creative, conscious, alive person. Remember when you had a kiss that just blew you completely away? It didn't go any further than that, just a real soft, real slowwwww, tender, superb kiss. Maybe it had been a while since you kissed anyone, or anyone who knew how kiss, I don't know. But you know that slow-burn-skin-tingly feeling it produced over the next couple days? The electrically charged feeling you got from it? Yeah, that's how I feel about just being alive right now.

And part of that is because I have some awesome creative people around me. And those who aren't around me were kind enough to record CDs.


allie said...

mi casa en la medio de la calle.

and that damn rand mcnally song - could i sing it MORE - um the answer is NO - i actually went out and bought his cd - cause i couldn't wait for lauren to get it to me - i needed it now now now.... i love him...it's just good stuff....we all have to go see him together ...

and ditto on the creative people - sometimes i'm actually intimidated at how smart and creative and wonderful my friends are - then i remember not to be intimidated but just to say "thank you god!"

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