Wednesday, June 8

A Little List of Happy

Here's a little list of some of the people/things that make me smile a wholebunchlot. Please note that these are in no particular order and that some of the entries kinda make me a lil' tingly, too. You'll figure it out.

  • Everyone who responded yesterday and the day before. Thank you SO damn much.
  • Feeling like a writer. (Decided to call myself an "essayist" the other day. Very satisfying.)
  • Looking into a Masters of Divinity program.
  • My VBF, Beth.
  • The fam.
  • Being in touch with Auntie G and my cousins.
  • My Matt.
  • Todd.
  • The Bob & Tom show.
  • Jason Mraz.
  • My Numbers.
  • Orange juice.
  • Bleu cheese polenta.
  • Being tattooed.
  • Being missed.
  • My niece and nephews.
  • Popcorn.
  • Teena Weena.
  • Wandaful.
  • The fact that my next blog entry is called "Proof of Impending Armageddon."
  • The lyrics to Sleeping to Dream.
  • Dr. Mary.
  • Pretty much all of both Joss Stone CDs I have. Woot!
  • Really good cheeses, including fresh mozzarella.
  • New kid pictures.
  • Getting funny stuff in the mail.
  • Sexy sandals.
  • ATL with Allie and Lola.
  • NTboi.

OK, I guess that's enough for the moment.

Stay tuned for the next entry.


Allie#3ga said...

my list of happy.

that you call me friend.

it's an honor.

christ*el #3tx said...

yeah, i think i feel a giggle call coming on.

devilboss said...

I'm gonna consider myself part of the missing you group!

Have any questions about the Masters of Divinity thing. Let me know. My boss got one and I helped him with all of his work. Don't forget to get your Doctorate of Ministry next. I can translate the Hebrew for you. And I would, even thought I hated it.

Tasty said...

DB, I was *indeed* thinking of you and two others when I typed "being missed" -- it's sooooo good to be missed. And HEL-LO!? YOU CAN TRANSLATE HEBREW? How come you didn't tell me you were a scholar? Don't hide your talents, missy.

devilboss said...

I swore I would never do it again! OMG, I wanted to kill myself more than once.

Smashlee said...

Add one more to the list of missing you.

Anonymous said...

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