Friday, June 3

More word nerd stuff.

Here are just a few lines to get you thinking about words and how powerful they are.


I can’t BEGIN to tell you how many people have commented on, critiqued, or criticized my use of the phrase “amazing tits” in my previous entry called Incredible Body. I really do love a good Puritan, I just don’t happen to be one (anymore) and I’ve found it nothing less than fascinating how much effect that phrase had on the essay and the readers. Fascinating! Cool stuff.


My verybestfriend sent me the absolute best story regarding a fabu phrase her husband used. Please find it here:

The following is a conversation I just had with Steve at 7:00 AM, after returning home from a night shift...hands shaking from exhaustion as he's pouring the coffee. He was up and down all night, and at one point had to intubate some poor old guy with emphysema who came into the ER half dead. I said, “You don't have to intubate people much, do you?”
him: Not anymore.
me: Is it like riding a bike?
him: (thoughtful silence)
him: Yes. It's like riding a bike downhill at 80 miles an hour with your hair on fire. Scary.

The power of a well-told story is the best thing, maybe ever. And how do you argue with that bike riding analogy?


Did I mention how appealing it is when an attractive and very masculine man uses the word “provençal”? Damn, people -- a good vocabulary and the correct French pronunciation? That’s nothing less than sexy.


Have a happy Friday! I’m outta here to meet some of my favorite people at Big Daddy’s! Rum and coke, please!


christ*el #3tx said...

i am sitting here, listening to Joss Stone just aching that i have not hugged you in over 3 months.

i think my Tasty Levels are dipping dangerously below live-able conditions.

Smashlee said...

It's amazing that people can be so offended/affected/etc. by words without realizing that it is often their personal emotions they are associating with the words may not be the intent of the messenger.
Wow, that was a mouthful of nothing just to say it's all about perception.

And intelligence is very under-rated...if the boys only knew!

Madley said...

Hey Stacey! I thought you disappeared for awhile because I wasn't seeing your posts on my Bloglines feed anymore :( But lo and behold, here you are, with a new look, new sexy photo and still wonderful sense of humor! YAY!

I LOVE any man that can say provençal and mean it. If they can COOK it, all the better!

And I'll never forget that bike analogy ever.

devilboss said...

I just gotta say that I love the bike riding analogy. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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