Friday, July 1

For the Record

I've been thinking about this for a while. Once you see the subject matter, I'm sure you'll know how long I've been rolling this around in my noggin. And, while this isn't the most lighthearted of Friday posts, I want this to be clear.

One of my dearest friends emailed me the following message. (And by dearest, I mean: I would carry a child for him, take a bullet for him, and appear on a major news network without having done my hair or applied mascara if it would save him from any sort of pain. Really, I'm not fooling around here.)

"Subject: For the Record

In the unlikely case that I suffer an accident or illness that leaves me brain dead or in a permanent vegetative state before I can have a living will created...please do not keep my body alive artificially. Please do not let ANY politician interfere with my civil liberties. I have no idea what, if anything, happens to us after our life on earth ends but I have chosen to believe that we find a better place...a place of healing, enlightenment, peace and wholeness. And for that reason alone, please do not keep me from my next journey."

And, what I have to say to all of you whom I adore -- you know who you are -- is, please do the living will now. This week. Make an appointment with your attorney or whatever. I WILL do my very best to advocate for you in your choices should you become incapacitated. So, please make it legal. However, I will NOT fight your moms and daddies about pulling your plug if you don't.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you.



devilboss said...

And a very good public service announcement it is. Do it people!

Love you mucho.

*L'ola said...

i did my first living will over 10 years ago and I updated it, along with my actual will, last month. i want no mommies and daddies fighting with the government, and no m fighting with anyone. it goes really into specifics, involving percentages and specific organ failures (i'm leaving nothing to interpretation to cause confusion). i also made it clear that in leiu of flowers and stuff i'd prefer donations in your own name in my honor to go to either B.R.E.W. (it is Beagle Rescue Education and Welfare, not beer related) or the Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky.

thank you for putting this non lighthearted, but life affirming post on here. importance and relevance are not proven by laughs alone. i love you more every day.

christ*el #3tx said...

when i die, i wanna come back as someone who lives CLOSER to you.

oh and the rest of the numbers. DUR.

NTboi77 said...

What does it mean that we cannot trust in the decency of our fellow citizens to allow us to pass on from this life here in America? We are afraid of way too much right now. Land of the free? Somewhat. Home of the brave? No way...

Tasty said...

Some of us are brave. Remember? Idealism changes things.

NTBoi77 said...

You are brave, I know that ... it just angers me that so many people now think that this life is what it's all about. I think your PSA is right on :) I just hope that I pull my plug enough during life that someone else won't need to when I'm passing over ... LOL

Champagnelady59 said...

Better than a living will which has lots of loopholes....A document known as a "power of attorney for HEALTHCARE". Lots of people know a "power of attorney" for financial matters, but the one for healthcare directs you to appoint at least 3 people who know your wishes. The medical staff can contact any one of them to ask what you would like done. It is more binding than a living will. anyone over the age of 18 needs to have one of these.

Love ya

jennysue said...

Yeah, We did the Power of Attorney for Healthcare thing too at the advice of - our attorney (dur). What it does is actually transfer the decision to the people we have designated and make provisions if they disagree (very important).
Basically, you state your wishes, but in a case where there are legal or interpretive grey areas then the people you have designated will decide.

It is my fervent prayer that no one will ever have to use this option. But, having been in a position where we had to make a decision to pull the plug (on my mother no less) it is good to have the paperwork to back up your decisions.

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