Wednesday, July 27

My New Title

Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of Highball, Duchess of Pork, King of All She Surveys, and the The Irreverend Dr. Tasty, Leader of the Church of Margaritaville.
(All degrees honorary.)

It suits me, don't you think? My soul sister Terri and I were discussing a few things the other day, and I mentioned that on *some* days, not only am I the queen, but I'm also the king. Allow that to sink in for a moment, won't you? Some days, I just rule. I remember how much I can actually control in my life, and how much I can't, and just go with it. Oh, sure, I just rule my little corner of the block of 9th and Meridian (only about 900 square feet, if the truth be told,) and that not particularly well, but I SO RULE. Anyway, she gave me that title. Feel free to use it when addressing me in the future. (My feelings on the suitability of that being MY title are subject to change without notice -- likely around the time PMS kicks in.)

Now, I do have to acquiesce on one point of governmental order, as my VBF was the first one with the Surveys title. She was Mayor of the Bus and King of All She Surveys. I think that was around 1986. And she still is. This is a girl with whom I ran around in high school and college acting nuts. In fact, we were SO straight in college, but we'd go to parties with our friend Birdie sometimes... and people would ask her if we were stoned. The results of being simultaneously smart and imaginative can be very interesting to the observer.

Hooray for good memories and general silliness. Who knew I'd still be acting approximately the very same way 20 years later? Thank God for my lifelong friend, and for my Numbers, who just feel like I've already known them my whole life!

P.S., When are we getting together so you can meet each other???


tinyhands said...

Sure, but are you still master of your domain?

Anonymous said...

bwhahahahahaha, tiny that is the worlds greatest Seinfeld episode!

Tasty, you are all of those things and more! Love from me!


Smashlee said...

Man, that's a hell of a name to have to put on an application or driver's license.


christ*el #3tx said...

um, how about now.

now is fine with me.

hell i'm already naked.

champagnelady59 said...

Like I said before - When's the party

MajorMike said...

Hey Daughterness...or should I say King of the Tasties. Just reporting on the great evening Char and I had. at Katie Belle's. Love you, Dadness.

Anonymous said...

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