Tuesday, July 19

Happy Birthday, Todd.

See, this is what happens to you when you enter the cadre called "nearest-and-dearest." You get your birthday advertised and yourdamnself feted on Le Blogue o' Tasty. (Though, I did choose something different for Lola.) You'll learn to deal with it.

I love that you're my friend, that you're smart, fun, clever, thoughtful, and that your enthusiasm and passion have made me think about some simple but significant things a little bit differently. I especially admire the fact that your personal gain doesn't determine the level of effort, creativity, and quality you put into your cooking; your desire to produce something marvelous and unique outweighs all other factors. It's easy to respect a person of integrity.

Happy Birthday to you,
That Todd
The Chef
Hogboy, of Hogboy and Cueball fame

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with much love,

1 comment:

Allie#3ga said...

happy birthday dearest todd.
i hope you do not find me odd.
although it's your day you can see,
i like to make all things 'bout me.

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